1:00 pm13:00

M-Theory Dance Company Audition

  • Evolution Dance Studios

Casting 2 Female dancers for Music Video / Considering dancers for future Company Membership

Evolution Dance Studios, Studio B1


For a commissioned music video project, for a new EDM artist.

  • Pointe work, as well as a strong contemporary dance technique is required for consideration.

  • Must be able to pick up choreography quickly, no prepared choreography will be necessary.

  • Please bring headshot & resume, wear dance shorts and sports bra.

  • Pink and Black Pointe shoes required for this project.

  • Partial nudity.

  • This is a paid project.



Apr 4


RED ZEBRA at the Crocker Club, Downtown LA

ROBERT VARGAS Presents RED ZEBRA @ The Crocker Club
LA's most unique art event *Named “BEST PARTY” by the LA Weekly's Lina Lecaro

This Thursday and every first-Thursday of the month, the RED ZEBRA spectacular happens at The Crocker Club, the most unique art event in L.A.. Artist & resident host ROBERT VARGAS creates his virtual painting, RED ZEBRA, a packed night of downtown creatives mixed into an unpredictable, magical multi-media art-as-a-party event. 

RED ZEBRA is inspired by "OUR Downtown" herself. Why we live and love here, created for the purpose of celebrating & supporting the arts in DTLA. Red Zebra is the platform to see Artists/musicians/performers & designers in “TRUE” creative dialog with each other. A social movement that inspires via live performances, video installations, live painting, live music, runway show & DJ's! 

*Performances begin at 9pm

Resident Host: Robert Vargas